Creating Effortless Posture

Let Gravity Do the Work

Creating Effortless Posture

Creating Effortless Posture

Let Gravity Do the Work
Media: 2 CDs in a Binder or MP3 Download, 4 Feldenkrais Lessons
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    What if you were willing to let go absolutely?
    What would hold you up?
    First you have to feel what support really is.
    Then you can do the big stuff in life.

    In these two CDs, Erin Ferguson presents The Magic Roller Lessons. These are gentle, powerful Awareness Through Movement® lessons that awaken your ability to sense an unhindered transmission of force through your bones to the ground. To do these lessons, you will need two thick blankets, space to lie on the floor, and a bath towel.

    The movements are easy and accessible and suitable for people in chronic pain or high performance athletes. The challenge will be in trusting yourself to make new adjustments to gravity as you sense greater possibilities for support.

    With these lessons you will be able to:
    • Find harmony with gravity
    • Sleep better
    • Move easier
    • Breathe a sigh of relief
    • Clear your head
    • Learn tools to ease a tense spine, neck, and shoulders for years to come

    Program Contents:

    1. Note on Posture - 3:45
    2. A Flexible Spine - 32:12
    3. Releasing the Neck - 36:49
    4. Easy Shoulders - 29:08
    5. Fluid Low Back - 29:12

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    This has been a fabulous program. First up I was a bit nervous regarding the roller - worried that lying on a rolled up blanket would put stress on my back. I did try a blanket and didn't love it [a bit awkward]. I ended up using my rolled up yoga mat [a good balance of firmness and softness] and that's been perfect for me. Overall the program has changed my relationship to my breathing and my posture - my chest has really opened up in a way that is quite wonderful. A different life seems possible from this place. Very cool. Will keep playing with.
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