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Effortless Gardening
Media: MP4 Video and MP3 Audio
Description: The Effortless Gardening Program teaches you practical body movement techniques that make gardening nearly effortless.
The Little Book of Falling (And Getting Up) eBook & Fall Softly, Recover Quickly Audio
Media: eBook and CDs or MP3 Download
Description: As people age, the danger of injury increases and with it, the fear of falling. Learning how to become more flexible and resilient can not only help prevent injury, but can improve recovery in the event of a fall.
Ideas in Action, vol. 1-3: Buy Together!
Media: 56 DVDs with 2 Data CDs which includes Workshop Manuals and ATM® Transcripts
Price: $998.75
Description: Explore the theory and practice of the Method by teaching lessons around a specific functional theme. Develop an understanding of not just what to do, but why.
Trilogy, vol. 1-3: Special Offer
Bridging the Gap, Inside Touch and A Course of Change
Media: 34 DVDs in 3 binders with 3 data CDs which includes a study guide, articles and SPIFFER notes for each volume
Price: $828.75
Description: In the Trilogy you will investigate and apply pertinent concepts, deepen your capacity to observe yourself and others, and develop new abilities in guiding others’ learning.