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Effortless Gardening
Media: MP4 Video and MP3 Audio
Description: The Effortless Gardening Program teaches you practical body movement techniques that make gardening nearly effortless.
Ideas in Action, vol. 1-3: Buy Together!
Media: 56 DVDs with 2 Data CDs which includes Workshop Manuals and ATM® Transcripts
Price: $998.75
Description: Explore the theory and practice of the Method by teaching lessons around a specific functional theme. Develop an understanding of not just what to do, but why.
Trilogy, vol. 1-3: Special Offer
Bridging the Gap, Inside Touch and A Course of Change
Media: 34 DVDs in 3 binders with 3 data CDs which includes a study guide, articles and SPIFFER notes for each volume
Price: $828.75
Description: In the Trilogy you will investigate and apply pertinent concepts, deepen your capacity to observe yourself and others, and develop new abilities in guiding others’ learning.