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    Balance is something you really only think about when you lose it. But do you know what you are losing when you do? Do you know how you regain it?

    Balance is a dynamic process. Your sense of balance is continually responding and adapting to the ever-changing situations in your life.

    Through Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® (ATM®) lessons, you will explore how you have balance, how you can lose it and how to regain it. You will experience some fundamental ideas about balance, as well as ways you can use and play with it. You will discover greater stability and mobility by evoking a more skeletal use of yourself.

    Program Contents:

    1. Introduction to the Method, learning and movement, what is balance? - 19:11
    2. ATM 1: Balancing between Sitting and Lying - #1 32:07
    3. Discussion: Getting used to differences; Struggle, doing it "right"; The only principle in the Feldenkrais Method and being inclusive - 10:30
    4. Intro to ATM: When have you felt a challenge to your balance? Do we know how we stand? - 01:46
    5. ATM 2: Standing Over Your Hip Joint #1 - 36:32
    6. Discussion: We know ourselves more clearly through movement, Being more skeletal - 04:08
    7. Intro to ATM: Two-legged dogs, Explanatory principles and experiential understanding, Experiencing our center of gravity - 03:12
    8. ATM 3: Sacral Clock - 45:19
    9. Discussion: The range of experiences we can have, Adapting the lesson, The sensation of an
    10. ideal movement - 05:29
    11. ATM 4: Standing Over Your Hip Joint #2 - 41:18
    12. Discussion: Connecting to our everyday movements, Finding our hip joints, Disrupting
    13. balance and finding it again, Finding neutral, Boundaries, Stability and mobility - 15:43
    14. ATM 5: Standing Over Your Hip Joint #3 - 45:13
    15. Discussion: New feelings, Different feelings, Configurations of action - 08:50
    16. ATM 6: Balancing between Sitting and Lying #2 - 39:01
    17. Discussion: Clarifying antagonistic muscle groups, A proportional distribution of movement - 04:38
    18. ATM 7: Standing Over Your Hip Joint #4 - 49:30
    19. Discussion: Becoming more skeletal and our muscular activity, You are now using yourself differently - 03:34
    20. ATM 8: Lifting and Rolling from the Opposite Hip - 40:31
    21. Discussion: How do we use the ground? Thank you and goodbye - 02:37

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    Fantastic-I have learned, and am still learning from revisiting the lessons, quite a lot. I will be purchasing all of this author's works.
    Laurie Raleigh NC
    Highlights key role of hips in balanced movements. Sometimes it's a little difficult to follow his instructions. I do enjoy his sense of humour.
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