Author, Tiffany Sankary

Tiffany Sankary is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionercm based in Boston, MA. Tiffany's background as a visual artist informs her approach to the Feldenkrais Method®. Curiosity, exploration and creativity are at the core of her practice. The integration of the changes she personally experienced from the Feldenkrais Method led her to dance, yoga and Authentic Movement. Her drawings have been published in various magazines and journals including Tikkun, Turning Wheel, The Feldenkrais Journal and Street Spirit. Feldenkrais Illustrated: The Art of Learning is her first book.
Feldenkrais Illustrated: The Art of Learning
Excerpts from the writings of Moshe Feldenkrais
Media: Book, Paperback, 406 Pages, Over 350 Illustrations
Price: $24.95
Description: Feldenkrais Illustrated: The Art of Learning is a work of art. Feldenkrais Practitioner, author and artist, Tiffany Sankary has taken key ideas from the writings of Moshe Feldenkrais and presented them with illustrations. She notes in her introduction that Moshe's writings can be dense, and can take time to really take his ideas in and work with them.  Tiffany decompresses Feldenkrais's writings by using illustrations to create space around them and making them easy to understand.