Author, Miriam Levenson

Miriam Levenson
Miriam Levenson is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionercm. Miriam discovered the Feldenkrais Method® when recovering from an injury of her wrist, shoulder and back from playing the cello. After only one private Functional Integration® lesson, her pain evaporated. She knew then that the Feldenkrais Method® was what she had been seeking. It's fun, it feels good, and now she helps other people feel good. Nothing satisfies her more than helping others pursue their passions, so she created Effortless Gardening as a way to help gardeners pursue their passion without pain.
Effortless Gardening
Media: MP4 Video and MP3 Audio
Description: The Effortless Gardening Program teaches you practical body movement techniques that make gardening nearly effortless.