Author, Jack Heggie

Jack Heggie
Jack Heggie earned a degree in physics and worked as a digital computer design engineer, programmer and field engineer for 10 years before becoming a Feldenkrais Practitioner. He studied with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais in Israel and in the United States, and trained with Ruthy Alon, Mia Segal and Shlomo Efrat, all senior Feldenkrais Trainers. Heggie offered unique insights on integrating the Feldenkrais Method into sports such as running, golf and skiing. He also created a wonderful program for improving vision through the Feldenkrais Method.
Running with the Whole Body: Audio
The Running Program That Will Increase Your Speed & Duration
Media: 4 CDs in a Binder or MP3 Download with an 8-page booklet, 7 Feldenkrais Lessons
Price: $49.95
Description: Running with the Whole Body retrains your brain and muscles to change your limiting habits, improving your strength, coordination, distance and speed.
Total Body Vision
Lessons to Improve the Quality of Your Vision
Media: 6 CDs in a Binder or MP3 Download with an 8-page booklet, 11 Feldenkrais Lessons
Price: $69.95
Description: Through a series of 11 original lessons drawing on the Feldenkrais Method and the work of William Bates, M.D., Jack Heggie has developed this powerful series of exercises for improving the overall quality of your vision, posture and movement.
Running with the Whole Body: Book
A 30-Day Program to Running Faster with Less Effort
Media: Book, Paperback, 170 Pages, 11 Feldenkrais Lessons
Price: $16.95
Description: Learn a series of Feldenkrais lessons that will enable you to make dynamic improvements in your running, walking and hiking help you to become a smoother, more powerful athlete.
Total Body Golf
Seven Steps to a Winning Game
Media: 3 CDs in a Binder or MP3 Download, 7 Feldenkrais Lessons
Price: $39.95
Description: Unleash the perfect golfer within you! Whether you are new to the game or an old pro, these seven easy lessons will improve your swing, your game and your score.
Learning to Walk in Ski Boots
Media: Article
Excerpt: One of the problems that confronts beginning skiers is learning to walk around in ski boots. A few people feel so insecure when they first put on boots that they can barely stand up without support, and the prospect of actually dealing with skis and snow in addition to the boots is almost terrifying.
The Use of the Eyes
Media: Article
Excerpt: For many of our actions, the eye is the initiator of the action. In catching or hitting a ball, in walking through a room full of furniture ... the body moves in response to visual cues. In fact, this function is so important that I believe that organizing the body for motion is the major function of the visual system.
Skiing the Powder
Media: Article
Excerpt: Skiing in powder, say many skiers, is the ultimate ski experience. The feeling of lightness, ease and grace is incomparable.
Skiing the Bumps
Media: Article
Excerpt: Skiing the bumps, as most people call mogul skiing these days, is an exciting challenge for an intermediate skier on his way to the expert level.
A Healthy Back Article
Media: Article
Excerpt: [Most of us] are unaware of our posture, how we are sitting, how much tension we are holding in our shoulders, how tight our necks are until it hurts too much. We wait until we are in pain before we take action to relieve it.
A Healthy Back
In Less than 20 Minutes a Day
Media: 1 CD in a Binder or MP3 Download, 4 Feldenkrais Lessons
Price: $16.95
Description: Four Feldenkrais exercises use gentle body movements to increase spinal flexibility and range of motion while relieving tension, stress and pain.
The Bodywork Series: The Feldenkrais Method
Media: Article
Excerpt: Jack Heggie describes a Feldenkrais Functional Integration lesson in which background in NLP played an important role.
Better Balance in Skiing
Media: Article
Excerpt: Do you have trouble with balance when you ski? Feel tight in your spine, hips and thighs? Here is an easy exercise series that will make you feel like a different person on skis.
Awareness Through Movement for Musicians
Author: Jack Heggie and Ellen Rose
Media: Article
Excerpt: Musicians, dancers, and athletes have attained better levels of performance with the help of the Awareness Through Movement® lessons.