Author, Graeme Lynn

Graeme Lynn
Graeme began studying Zen, Krishnamurti and Adi Da Samraj and practicing Hatha yoga intensively in his twenties. He became a formal student of Adi Da Samraj in his thirties and started lessons in the Alexander Technique about then. He trained for three years in the Technique in a non-affiliated Canadian school in the late 80's when he heard that Thomas Hanna was offering a course in California. After a five-week intensive, Hanna died in a car accident. Graeme went on to certification in Hellerwork in 1993 and massage in 1994 in Seattle. In 2000 he completed the Feldenkrais training in France and dovetailed that training with another two years in the Alexander Technique in England, receiving STAT certification. His unique breadth of knowledge has emerged from his continual striving for a complete picture of somatic methodology, which, in his years of work with clients, he has realized as the necessary paradigm for the resolution of functional issues.
The Manner of Action
Understanding and Practicing The Alexander Technique, The Feldenkrais Method and the Hatha Yoga, as Methods of Somatic Learning
Media: Paperback Book, 150 Pages
Price: $19.95
Description: The Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique and Hatha Yoga have been recognized for decades as effective means of resolving functional limitations, enhancing health and improving performance skills. The Manner of Action explores, explains and clarifies the fundamentals of these methods, previously thought to be opposed, their synergy and the power for change at their roots. Detailed are practices one can learn at home that further serve the transformation of health and life.