Author, Chris Waas

Chris Waas is a Golf Trainer, Feldenkrais Practitioner and Physio-Therapist residing and working in Germany. He primarily teaches at Europe’s largest golf resort, Bad Griesbach, where he has been coaching and training golfers, with a range of abilities from novice to pro, for over 20 years. Chris works carefully to help his clients learn heighten their self awareness and aiding them in attaining easy and powerful movements. Above all, his clients learn to play without suffering aches, pains or injuries.
Champion Golf
The perfect warm-up training for golfers everywhere
Media: 1 DVD, 60 min.
Price: $34.95
Description: Champion Golf IS the prerequisite to an excellent game and a low score. This DVD consists of four “warm-up lessons” that prepare your brain and body for the movements you need play that winning game of golf.