10 Under 20: Help for Back Pain

10 Under 20: Help for Back Pain

10 Under 20: Help for Back Pain

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    Busy? Strapped for time?

    Many people these days work hard, play hard, and suffer from a stiff, immobile, or tense lower back. If you only have a few minutes and want to be able to perform better, sit more comfortably, and walk with an easy swing, these lessons are for you.

    We often get stuck in a default habit of moving. These lessons provide options for getting out of that default strategy, like always tensing in one spot. Designed with the awareness and intention inherent to all Feldenkrais Method® lessons, these short, simple experiments guide you to sense new movement strategies, as well as a sense of relief. You don't have to stay stuck.

    "10 Under 20" is a series of ten healthy movement lessons for your back that take 20 minutes or less. Designed to make it easier to fit into your busy schedule, you can reduce pain and move more easily in just a few minutes,

    Good for both experienced and new Feldenkrais students. Everyone can benefit from getting on the floor and moving well!

    Lessons Include:

    1. Rocking Pelvis With Jaw - 12 min
    2. Rocking Pelvis With Arms Overhead - 19 min
    3. Pelvic Clock - 15 min
    4. Rolling Up Spine - 13 min
    5. Round And Bend In Standing - 14 min
    6. Rounding Back In Sitting - 12 min
    7. Tilting Knees On Back And Belly - 14 min
    8. Tilting Knees - 19 min
    9. Rolling Over Arm - 17 min
    10. Hooking Big Toe - 15 min

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