Private Feldenkrais Lessons, Classes and Workshops
with Al Wadleigh, GCFP

Private Lessons
Functional Integration®

Functional Integration lessons are a one-to-one approach tailored to the client’s unique needs and organization. Through skilled manipulation, the client is slowly and gently moved in ways that deeply influence their organization at a neurological level. Through these lessons, overall functioning and sense of well-being improve and problems diminish or resolve.

Public Workshops
& Advanced Trainings

Take your learning to a new level in a public workshop or advanced training in the Feldenkrais Method. Al teaches and co-teaches workshops for the public and organized advanced trainings for Feldenkrais Practitioners and Trainees. Check out the current offerings at The Feldenkrais Store.

Class Lessons
Awareness Through Movement®

Awareness Through Movement is a series of verbally guided, gentle, slow and organized movements typically done on the floor in a group setting. Lessons may also be done sitting or standing. These lessons guide students’ awareness toward sensing their own movement patterns, exploring new ways of moving, and integrating more choice into their movement habits.

Al Wadleigh, GCFP

Al Wadleigh
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Al Wadleigh is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionercm, practicing in Longmont, Colorado. Al works with clients one-on-one, teaches Awareness Through Movement® classes, and presents in and sponsors Feldenkrais workshops. His background includes extensive training in Ericksonian Psychotherapy and NLP, seminar and workshop design and promotion, and a degree in Psychology.

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